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Public Safety Officer- Pool Position
Working Title Public Safety Officer- Pool Position
Position # 00001C
Department University Police Department
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Employment Status:
Full time (29-40 Hrs)
Proposed Salary Range:
$ 38,240.00
Type of Employment:


Please note: All postings close at 12 A.M. CST on the closing date.  A-State participates in E-Verify.

Position Summary:

The Public Safety Officer is responsible for the enforcement of traffic and criminal laws and parking regulations. This position is governed by law enforcement standards, state and federal laws, and agency/institution policy.

Duties & Responsibilities:

‚ÄčThis posting is open for continued recruitment of individuals seeking employment for the position of Public Safety Officer with the University Police Department. This pool position allows applicants to be considered for every Public Safety Officer position that becomes available. 

  1. ‚ÄčPatrols assigned areas to detect and prevent violation of laws and regulations.
  2. Issues citations as necessary.
  3. Participates in traffic and/or crowd control during periods of high volume and density.
  4. Arrests and detains violators, when necessary, and testifies in court as required.
  5. Provides assistance as requested or needed by locking or unlocking buildings and offices, helping stranded motorists, and communicating general information to students, staff, and faculty and the general public.
  6. Completes reports and maintains records and log books concerning incidents and work activities.
  7. Performs related responsibilities as assigned.
  8. Properly assesses aspects of routine situations, determines appropriate action and takes the same.
  9. Recognizes and identifies police-related and public safety problems.
  10. Has a broad orientation to the job including activity with low priority.
  11. Displays inquisitiveness when performing routine patrol functions.
  12. Maintains calm and self-control in situations, determines proper course of action and takes it.
  13. Does not allow a situation to further deteriorate.
  14. Follows acceptable safety procedures with suspicious persons, suspects, and prisoners.
  15. Obtains and maintains control through use of the proper degree of force application in routine situations.
  16. Uses restraints effectively. Unlikely to lose control.
  17. Uses police communications equipment effectively and properly.
  18. Knows and recognizes commonly used sections of the Arkansas Traffic Code and applies appropriate sections to detected violations.
  19. Enforces appropriately all traffic regulations.
  20. Properly investigates and completes traffic accident reports.
  21. Provides a fair and accurate representation of the evidence.
  22. Reports are complete with a minimum number of errors.
  23. The reports are completed in a timely manner.
  24. Uniform is properly worn and is clean and pressed.
  25. Weapon, duty belt, equipment are clean and operative.
  26. Hair within regulations and shoes and brass are shined.
  27. Takes an active role in solving community problems.
  28. Works to find solutions to problems before they occur (proactive) rather than after something becomes a problem (reactive).
  29. Performs research or searches out training to bring new educational programs for students and staff members and conduct training and safety assessments.
  30. Demonstrates and applies daily the concepts framed in the mission statement of the department and clearly articulates and supports the role of the university police on campus.
  31. Familiar with the most commonly applied Policy Directives, regulations, and procedures.
  32. Able to reason through a problem and come to an acceptable conclusion in routine situations.
  33. Makes reasonable decisions based on information available.
  34. Makes good decisions without assistance.
  35. Follows required procedure in commonly encountered situations.
  36. Conducts proper searches and seizes evidence legally.
  37. Arrests are within legal guidelines.
  38. Knows commonly used forms and understands their use.
  39. Completes departmental forms, including incident reports with accuracy and thoroughness.
  40. Reports are organized and in logical order with the necessary information and details included.
  41. Reports are completed in a timely manner with minimal spelling and grammatical errors.
  42. Officer is courteous, friendly, and empathetic.
  43. Communicates in a professional manner and is service oriented.
  44. Officer is at ease with members of other ethnic, cultural, and social groups.
  45. Adheres to the chain-of-command and accepts his/her role in the organization.
  46. Passes on appropriate information to other officers and shifts.
  47. Is supportive and team oriented and communicates with all members of the department effectively and positively.
  48. Supports the Administration of the University and is responsive to the needs of the institution.


Knowledge of traffic laws, rules and regulations, for security and general law enforcement methods and techniques.

Ability to direct traffic and to maintain order, prepare reports of incidents and accidents, communicate orally and in writing, and operate motor vehicles used in patrol duties.

General Days/Hours:

This position works shifts. Shifts vary and include days, evenings, nights, weekends and holidays.


Please note: all position postings close at 12:00 A.M. CST on the position closing date

Additional hours as requested and/or needed
Regular and reliable attendance

Minimum Qualifications:

The formal education equivalent of a High School Diploma.

Two (2) years of experience in Law Enforcement or a related area.

Must be certified or be able to become certified within one year of employment by the Arkansas Law Enforcement Standards Training Academy as a Police Officer in accordance with ACA 12-9-106 or an approved law enforcement training academy.

Must possess a valid Arkansas driver's license.

Other job related Education and/or Experience may be substituted for all or part of these basic requirements, except for certification or licensure requirements, upon approval or the qualifications review committee.

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