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Account Executive - Boston, Massachusetts (Remote) 22-MGI-053 Boston, MA
Account Executive - Michigan (Remote) 22-MGI-046 Michigan
Accounting Manager, Commercial Support 22-CG-011 San Jose, CA
District Sales Director, Northwest 23-MGI-001 San Jose, CA
Field Application Scientist, NGS - Arizona (Remote) 22-MGI-022 Arizona
Field Application Scientist, NGS - Florida (Remote) 22-MGI-032 Florida
Field Application Scientist, NGS - Georgia (Remote) 22-MGI-032 Georgia
Field Application Scientist, NGS - Long Island, NYC (Remote) 22-MGI-065 Long Island, NYC
Field Application Scientist, NGS - Nevada (Remote) 22-MGI-022 Nevada
Field Application Scientist, NGS - North Carolina (Remote) 22-MGI-032 North Carolina
Field Application Scientist, NGS - San Francisco Bay Area (Fresh PhDs welcome) 22-MGI-023 San Jose, CA
Field Application Scientist, NGS - Seattle (Remote) 22-MGI-066 Seattle, WA
Field Application Scientist, NGS - South Carolina (Remote) 22-MGI-032 South Carolina
Field Application Scientist, NGS - Southern California (Remote) 22-MGI-022 San Diego, CA
Field Application Scientist, NGS - Texas (Remote) 22-MGI-036 Texas
Field Application Scientist, NGS - Utah (Remote) 22-MGI-022 Utah
Field Application Scientist Manager 23-RU-001 San Jose, CA
Field Bioinformatics Scientist (Remote) 22-MGI-017 San Jose, CA
Field Service Engineer, NGS - Arizona (Remote) 22-MGI-021 Arizona
Field Service Engineer, NGS - Chicago (Remote) 22-MGI-035 Chicago, IL
Field Service Engineer, NGS - Delaware (Remote) 22-MGI-024 Delaware
Field Service Engineer, NGS - Florida (Remote) 22-MGI-019 Florida
Field Service Engineer, NGS - Georgia (Remote) 22-MGI-019 Georgia
Field Service Engineer, NGS - Greater Boston Area (Remote) 22-MGI-024 Boston, MA
Field Service Engineer, NGS - Long Island, NYC 22-MGI-068 Long Island, NYC
Field Service Engineer, NGS - Maryland (Remote) 22-MGI-024 Maryland
Field Service Engineer, NGS - Nevada (Remote) 22-MGI-021 Nevada
Field Service Engineer, NGS - New York City (Remote) 22-MGI-024 New York City, NY
Field Service Engineer, NGS - North Carolina (Remote) 22-MGI-019 North Carolina
Field Service Engineer, NGS - Pennsylvania (Remote) 22-MGI-024 Philadelphia, PA
Field Service Engineer, NGS - San Francisco Bay Area 22-MGI-028 San Jose, CA
Field Service Engineer, NGS - San Jose 22-MGI-067 San Jose, CA
Field Service Engineer, NGS - Seattle, Washington 22-MGI-069 Seattle, WA
Field Service Engineer, NGS - South Carolina (Remote) 22-MGI-019 South Carolina
Field Service Engineer, NGS - Southern California (Remote) 22-MGI-021 San Diego, CA
Field Service Engineer, NGS - Texas (Remote) 22-MGI-037 Texas
Field Service Engineer, NGS - Utah (Remote) 22-MGI-021 Utah
Field Service Engineer, NGS - Virginia (Remote) 22-MGI-024 Virginia
Field Service Engineer, NGS - Washington D.C. (Remote) 22-MGI-024 Washington DC
Legal Counsel 22-CG-016 San Jose, CA
Oligonucleotide Synthesis Laboratory Manager 23-RU-002 San Jose, CA
Product Manager - NGS Platforms 22-MGI-015 San Jose, CA
Project Manager 23-RU-003 San Jose, CA
Public Relations Director 22-CG-001 San Jose, CA
Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs Manager 22-CG-018 San Jose, CA
Quality Control Engineer 22-CG-017 San Jose, CA
Regional Sales Manager - Boston (Remote) 22-MGI-061 Boston, MA
Regional Sales Manager - Michigan (Remote) 22-MGI-057 Michigan
Regional Sales Manager - Nebraska (Remote) 22-MGI-059 Nebraska
Regional Sales Manager - New Jersey (Remote) 22-MGI-063 New Jersey
Regional Sales Manager - New York (Remote) 22-MGI-062 New York
Regional Sales Manager - Northwest (Remote) 22-MGI-040 Seattle, WA
Regional Sales Manager - Philadelphia (Remote) 22-MGI-064 Philadelphia, PA
Regional Sales Manager - San Francisco Bay Area (Remote) 22-MGI-009 Remote
Regional Sales Manager - Utah (Remote) 22-MGI-058 Utah
Research Associate, Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) 22-RU-011 San Jose, CA
Research Associate, Reagent Development 22-PD-016 San Jose, CA
Research Associate, Spatial Genomics 23-RU-004 San Jose, CA
Sales Operations Specialist 23-MGI-002 San Jose, CA
Scientist / Senior Scientist, Reagent Development 22-PD-015 San Jose, CA
Senior Account Executive - Boston (Remote) 22-MGI-052 Boston, MA
Senior Account Executive - Nebraska (Remote) 22-MGI-051 Nebraska
Senior Account Executive - New Jersey (Remote) 22-MGI-055 New Jersey
Senior Account Executive - New York (Remote) 22-MGI-054 New York
Senior Account Executive - North Carolina (Remote) 22-MGI-050 North Carolina
Senior Account Executive - Philadelphia (Remote) 22-MGI-056 Philadelphia, PA
Senior Account Executive - Seattle (Remote) 22-MGI-047 Seattle, WA
Senior Account Executive - SF Bay Area (Remote) 22-MGI-009 Remote
Senior Account Executive - Utah (Remote) 22-MGI-048 Utah
Senior Business Development Manager, Strategic Initiatives and Partnerships  22-MGI-042 San Jose, CA
Senior Staff Development Engineer, Flowcell Development 22-PD-017 San Jose, CA
Senior Staff Systems Engineer 22-CG-013 San Jose, CA
Service Engineering Technician 22-MGI-045 San Jose, CA
Staff Optical Engineer 22-CG-007 San Jose, CA
VP of US Sales 22-MGI-038 San Jose, CA
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