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The Company appreciates those employees who recommend friends or acquaintances for employment.  Your referrals are welcome at all times as the Company knows of no better recommendation than the interest of an enthusiastic employee.  Job applicants that you refer will be considered for suitable, current openings, or their applications will be held for possible future opportunities.  The Company prohibits an employee from supervising a relative (spouses, parents, children, aunts, uncles, nieces or nephews and spouse of any such persons) in the same department.  Any exception to this policy must be approved by the President and the Board of Directors.

The Company wants to recruit quality applicants and in order to do so encourage employees to refer qualified candidates to the Company.  If your referral is employed by the Company, a recruiting bonus of $100.00 will be paid to employees under the following terms and schedule:

1.     Referrals will be paid only if the original employment application completed by the applicant or submitted using the form below contains the employee’s name as the referral source.

2.     After the applicant has been hired and completed 90 days or 3 full months of service, the referring employee will be paid.

3.     If the applicant is referred by more than one employee, the referral bonus will be split equally among the referring employees and paid on the same terms as above.

4.     Managers and supervisors cannot receive bonuses for employees directly placed in their department or program.

Employee & Position Referring to:

Select the position(s) below for which you would like to make a referral. 

Submit a referral to a requisition with these steps:

1. Click "add" next to Requisitions
2. Check the "Show only Open Requisitions" box
3. If known, add the name of the Requisition in the Search box
4. If known, select the location in the Location drop down menu
5. Click "Go!"
6. Find the requisition from the list of results and click on the Requisition Title to add the requisition to the referral form.
7. You can add multiple requisitions.


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