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Real Estate Specialist
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Location New York
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Full time
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PACO GROUP INC. is seeking a Real Estate Specialist to support a major transportation agency project. 



  • Track all acquisitions, permanent easements, temporary construction easements, property rights, joint development, and other interests identified for the Project in coordination with major transportation agencies.
  • Track the status of property acquisitions through all phases of the acquisition process and turn them over to the Construction Contractors.
  • Coordinate and support meetings with the major transportation agency, public and private property owners, and Authorities Having Jurisdiction (“AHJ”) to facilitate the acquisition process.
  • Develop and update tables and maps to reflect the latest progress on property acquisitions.
  • Support major transportation agencies in all condemnation proceedings and joint development opportunities.
  • Address proposed modifications to properties with owners and AHJs.
  • Coordinate with the AHJ to modify maps and manage the submission process.
  • Manage, coordinate, and track the status of additional property interest acquisitions required for the Project.
  • Coordinate and expedite encroachment resolutions between and among the major transportation agencies, the Construction Contractors, and property owners.
  • Coordinate and track the status of Memoranda of Understanding and other agreements with public and private property owners and AHJs regarding property interest acquisitions for the Project.
  • Prepare for, attend, and follow up on local public meetings where Project property acquisitions will be addressed.
  • Update the Maintenance Jurisdiction Matrix (“MJM”) and maps to reflect any changes arising as the Project progresses.
  • Respond to requests for information and documents, including Project environmental compliance requirements related to real estate.
  • Review intermediate and final design submittals as they relate to property acquisitions.
  • Real Estate Acquisition and Relocation Tracking via property portal.
  • Analyze the needs of the Project and produce an effective database system.
  • Develop a database schema to store records, activities, public information, and documents.
  • Develop user interface for data entry, update, and user-defined queries,
  • Develop database visualizations, dashboards, interactive reports, and paginated reports.



Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Real Estate, Urban Planning, or a related field. 

· Previous experience working with city agencies such as DOB, DOF, DOT, etc.

· Familiarity with city-specific procedures related to property assessments, zoning, compliance, etc.

Minimum of 5 years of experience in real estate acquisitions, zoning, or related fields.

Proven track record in tracking and managing property acquisitions through all phases of the acquisition process.

Experience in coordinating and facilitating meetings with various stakeholders, including government agencies, property owners, and authorities having jurisdiction.

Proficient in developing and updating tables and maps to reflect the latest progress on property acquisitions.

Familiarity with GIS tools and mapping software.

Experience with database development, including designing schemas, developing user interfaces, and creating visualizations, dashboards, and reports.

Excellent written and oral communication skills to address proposed modifications to properties with owners, coordinate with authorities and respond to information requests.

Experience in preparing for, attending, and following up on local public meetings related to property acquisitions.

Attention to detail is very important.




401 k matching

Dental Insurance

Health Insurance

Life Insurance

Paid time off

Professional development assistance.


Type of job




New York


Pay Rate

$50-$60 Per hour Commensurate on experience. 


Project Duration

3-5 years


PACO Group, Inc. is committed to furthering opportunities for women and minorities in the national construction market. The firm periodically reaffirms this commitment through an active affirmative action plan. It provides Equal Employment Opportunities (EEO) to all employees without unlawful discrimination regarding race, creed, color, national origin, sex, age, disability, marital status, religion, military status, pregnancy, sexual orientation, or citizenship status. As an equal opportunity employer, we have successfully recruited, hired, promoted, and retained an ethnically and socially diverse professional staff. Our efforts to date have produced a multidisciplinary workforce of more than 75% women and minorities - a record of diversity that extends to the highest levels of the firm's management.

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