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Pursuant to the Federal Government, this organization may not employ or engage in a business relationship with any individual who has been suspended, excluded, debarred, or is otherwise ineligible to participate in any federal reimbursement program. Have you ever had any adverse legal actions imposed by Medicaid, Medicare, or any other federal agency or program?

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As part of my application for employment at Grafton, I authorize and consent to the release of any information of any nature concerning me including, but not limited to, my present or previous employment, educational records, educational credit verification, personal and professional reference data, credential verification, information concerning my driver’s license and driving record, any criminal record checks, any Child Protective Services registry checks, drug screening information, and any other similar data.

I authorize the giving of any such information to the employees and agents of Grafton, and I authorize all of my employers, my reference individuals and any other entities which have information about me to respond to any question and to provide all oral or written information concerning me. Grafton may use a copy of this authorization as deemed necessary, which copy shall operate as if it were an original.

I understand that only a member of the Human Resources department of Grafton has authority to make an offer of employment to me. I further understand that any offer of employment is conditional upon results satisfactory to Grafton of the screening, record checks and investigations listed above in the second paragraph.

I understand that Grafton has broad discretion whether or not to hire me. I agree that, if hired, my employment will be “at will” for no definite period, and may be terminated at any time by either me or Grafton. In addition, I understand that Grafton has the right to change, modify or terminate its personnel policies, practices, benefits and other terms of employment, at any time.

I release Grafton, its agents, and all entities who provide information as a result of this agreement, from all liability of any nature arising out of the disclosure, use, or review of any information given as a result of this agreement.

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